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FXG is not only a camera manufacturer,
but a full production house!

We offer custom tailored end-to-end services



We discuss your idea and decide the best way to capture it. We will also work with you to produce the script, and storyboard so we can proceed to filming.

Got an idea for a video? Tell us about it!



All of our content is filmed using our own cameras. We've been making VR cameras since 2016, and have filmed & published over 20,000 minutes of VR video. Our cameras are capable of filming up to 12K (full-frame), in both 360 & 180 VR formats. 



Footage is stitched and processed for editing. Getting rid of artifacts and optimizing the depth map  to achieve the best 3D 360 / 180 video experience. And finally, footage is edited, color graded, and is ready for preview.



Footage can be packaged for playback on almost any platform, and our team can support you with headset selection

8K 3D VR Livestreaming

Need your event to reach more people?

We can livestream your event in 360 degrees for your audience to experience immersively in VR, or on the web.

8K 3D VR Live stream of rock legend Michael Zhen

Immerse your audience

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