FXG is an international team, with culturally diverse members from all over the world, passionately devoted to the research and development of Virtual Reality content and technologies.


Market driven content that people WANT to watch

Wilson Lee


Graduate of Zhejiang University


Earliest researcher in China of 360 degree VR


Applied for 360 degree patent in 2011

Created a series of VR8 Cameras in 2014

Nikk Mitchell



Creator/CEO of first VR community in China called Oculus China,The Oculus China community was a key driver in the development of China’s VR industry. Community was bought by Facebook

Bai Wei

Art Director


Polish artist, a master of Chinese painting at the China Academy of Art, the only foreign graduate gold medal winner in the Chinese Painting Department, and the creator of the largest Polish individual exhibition in Chinese history.


We have shot over 20,000 minutes of VR video, and produced nearly 80 films. Our production pipeline allows us to quickly and efficiently produce high quality content even for the largest of projects.


Global leaders with years of experience in 6DoF Volumetric Video and  Deep Immersive Video Experience production.

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