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After several big announcements such as the SEIZE 16K 3DVR Camera, and FXG’s LAB6 Volumetric Video R&D Facility, FXG’s office in Hangzhou received many visits from companies, government officials, and technology enthusiasts that were interested in learning more about our latest projects. Below is a summary of some highlights.

大会 Events


April 29th, FXG Video was invited to attend the first roadshow of global science and technology projects from Yangtze River Delta. FXG’s CEO Nikk Mitchell presented the company’s latest technology and content,and won the second place!

4月27日,ARTech TALK携手2050大会于在杭州云栖小镇探讨未来餐饮的无限可能。Nikk受邀做了主题为“异次元人类进食计划”的演讲,探讨了“虚拟事物能否供养我们”这一问题;通过VR,一起在家吃饭将成为可能。FXG的VR作品也引起2050大会参观者的极大兴趣!

April 27th, ARTech TALK teamed up with the 2050 Conference to discuss the future of dining and food habits. Nikk was invited to give a speech on Non-Dimensional Human Eating Program and explored questions such as “Can virtual things sustain us”, and how VR can make group dining possible for people not in the same location.


April 23rd, FXG set up an internship basement at Zhejiang University of Science and Technology.FXG team got to meet some of the upcoming graduates to watch their animation works, and provide some insights on professional film, television and VR content creation.


April 22nd, FXG was invited to join the Shanghai Migu High-definition Enterprise Symposium. Zhou Qindi, Secretary of the CPC Changshu Municipal Committee, and Nikk discussed the development and opportunities of the UHD industry.

4月3日,全球性科创社区Startup Grind Lin'an走进浙江机电职业技术学院国际教育系,Nikk受邀发表主题演讲,并与在校大学生一起交流VR与人工智能。

April 3rd, Nikk was invited by the Startup Grind Lin’an to deliver a speech about VR and artificial intelligence to students of the Zhejiang Electromechanical Vocational and Technical College.

来访 Visits


Zhejiang Radio and Television Group organized the “Beautiful Rural Zhejiang” event to promote the development and achievements of agricultural and rural construction in Zhejiang. April 22nd, they held several interviews during their visit to FXG’s office. 


April 17th, the winning team of the China-Italy Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition came to visit the dream town, and exchanged ideas with FXG’s Nikk Mitchell and other team members. 


April 16th, the first secretary of the China Association for Science and Technology visited FXG to learn about our latest VR video technology and view some of our content.


On April 9th, English impurity Redstar visited FXG, which has a 15-year history in Qingdao and was released in Hangzhou last year. Their topics cover business, innovation, education, culture and so on. This interview will show readers an interesting FXG, so stay tuned!

国际快讯 With February News


That was our April recap. Here's a few other important visitors from before April that we didn't mention yet!


February 26th, Ms. Nicole Hofmeister Klot, Minister of Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, visited FXG’s office with a delegation of dozens of people. The delegation enjoyed a selection of our content and expressed their praise for our work.

2月26日 ,由英国、美国、加拿大、瑞典、挪威和芬兰等6个国家8个共产党的领导人和干部组成的美大北欧地区共产党干部联合考察团一行22人,参观梦想小镇。代表团来到FXG,了解了这家科技与艺术高度融合的新兴公司,对我们的发展给与高度赞扬。

February 26th, the head of the Communist Party of the United Kingdom, Robert Griffith, joined by 22 other leaders of Communist Parties from around the world visited FXG office to learn about this emerging company and our technology. 


This was FXG recap , stay tuned for more!


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