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眼见未来暨FXG 6DoF沉浸式影像实验室启动式活动圆满落幕!

3月29日,上周五,眼见未来暨FXG 6DoF沉浸式影像实验室启动式活动于杭州梦想小镇举行。本次活动,FXG宣布正式建成6DoF沉浸式影像工作室。SONY、华为、Pico、HTC、创维、KAT等知名VR企业和游戏设备厂商,来自AR/VR/MR、影视、艺术等多个领域的嘉宾参与了本次活动。

On March 29th, FXG, in collaboration with SONY China and Hangzhou Dream Town, held the [LAB6| The Future of Immersive Video] conference, joined by XR industry leaders and enthusiasts.


We kicked off the conference with a "Speed Networking" game, where all attendees got 1 minute to find a stranger to talk to. After a few rounds, everyone had met a bunch of new people, and the atmosphere felt a lot more friendly.


After the speed networking, leaders from the participating teams cut the ribbon and announced the opening of LAB6, a research facility dedicated to developing Volumetric Video technologies. This cutting-edge technology can be used to achieve many previously expensive and time-consuming effects such as Bullet Time, photogrammetry, 6DoF video, real-time hologram & 3D model creation and more for a fraction of the cost and time. 


杭州西顾视频的CEO Nikk Mitchell首先以“The Future of VR Film”的题目开启了演讲,从影视的历史开始,他给出了西顾科技对VR影片的理解,即“捕捉现实,创造现实”。

随后杭州西顾科技的CTO李文松以主题“Future of VR Film-making and Volumetric Video Technologies”对6DoF实验室进行了详细的介绍并给出了自己的看法。

After that, Michael Yinghuan, Director of Business Development of Sony China gave a speech on the [Sony RX-0 Multi-camera Control System]. Other speaking guests such as Professor Zhang Xinyu from the East China Normal University, Gong Zheng from the China Information and Research Institute, Liu Kai, Commercial Director of Pico, Li Wenquan, General Manager of Skyworth, Kaye Chen, CEO of KATVR also gave speeches about their respective fields.


此外,来自华东师范大学的张新宇教授、中国信息通信研究院的宫政工程师、Pico商务总监刘凯、创维新世界总经理李文权、KAT CEO庞晨、闹海科技有限公司创始人Austin Powers、Polyhedron VR  Studio CEO Gianluigi Perrone以及深圳ARVR协会会长Paola Paulino就行业各个细分领域的发展做了深度的分享。

After the first round of speeches, it was time for lunch and a short break, soon after the afternoon part of the conference started and we were joined by our international speaking guests such asAustin Powers from Loud Oceans Traveland Media, Paola Paulino from the VR/AR Association Shenzhen, and Gianluigi Perrone from Polyhedron VR Studio for several insightful speeches on their fields of experience. 


And finally, all of today's speakers gathered on the stage for a round-table discussion, talking about Volumetric Video and other cool trends in the industry. The English round table was joined by 2 extra guests, FXG's art director Bai Wei, and Ryan Wilson from The Thread Finder.



Now that the business part is over, it's time to celebrate our successful launch event, guests and friends joined FXG at our office for a dinner party. 


In collaboration with Gigabyte AORUS, we got to give away some cool gifts and prizes such as a GTX 1050ti graphics card, Gigabyte AORUS Mechanical Keyboard, and some other awesome peripherals.

专注6DOF:FXG 6DoF沉浸式影像实验室正式建成


李文松表示,FXG 6DoF沉浸式影像实验室由近百台索尼RXO数码相机列阵而成,相机阵列借助了索尼业内领先的CCB-WD1同步技术,可以使得多达100台RX0相机协同同步工作。

LAB6 is made up of nearly 100 Sony RXO digital cameras. With the help of Sony's leading CCB-WD1 synchronization technology, the camera array can enable up to 100 RX0 cameras to work together.

同时实验室拥有自主研发的ET-2 VR全景相机、航拍器、地面移动车以及可视化第一人称机器人等VR影视拍摄器材。

FXG will work incorporate a variety of technologies and hardware in LAB6, including their ET-2 optic-flow VR camera, drones and RC car cameras, first person view robot and other video equipment for film & TV.


Lee Wilson, CTO of FXG Video highlighted some of the tech used in LAB6:

1. FXG团队通过实验室所捕获的阵列内容已经适配到最新的裸眼全息显示器和其他设备中,为6DoF提供了新的展现形式手段。基于此,该“子弹时间”便不受限于影视行业,相信在未来会有更多的商业模式出现。

Content produced by FXG team in LAB6 has been adapted to playback on the holographic display and other devices, allowing for Bullet-time and Volumetric content to be viewed on a variety of mediums.

2. 团队利用实验室所做的子弹时间,技术价值在于捕获的信息可在头显中显示,在原有的2D子弹时间的基础上,挖掘了3D信息。

FXG team can extract depth information from 2D images, allowing for their Bullet-time videos to be viewed on VR headsets in 3D.

3. 影像实验室可将捕获的影像信息还原成三维模型,大大节省了金钱与时间成本,实现了三维模型的迅速构建。

Information from images captured in LAB6 can be used to create 3D models in a very short time, greatly reducing production cost and time of high-quality 3D models.


This was a day to remember! Huge thanks to all our guests and friends that made this possible. More exciting things are coming, stay tuned!

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