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We learned about the story of Video Producer Sun in Fernlander Spotlight last week. Now let us get to know FXG Finance Specialist Lucy and her thoughts about life and VR!

一些生活的分享 Personal Life

1. 你之前有些什么生活经历,让你来到了西顾国?How did your life journey bring you to FXG?


I didn’t think ahead of time about which city I should go to when I was looking for an internship prior to my graduation. I realized that one of my favorite cartoon-animator teams was based in Hangzhou, so I came to Hangzhou in hope of joining them, but discovered that they only had a cartoonist position available at that time. Later on, I started my work at a financial company, finally able to engage with the financial work that I was passionate about.


It’s really a coincidence that I became a Fernlander. FXG’s CEO, Nikk proposed an interview with me when I was searching for another job in Hangzhou. To my surprise, I arrived at FXG very early in the day, but unfortunately, I didn’t receive any feedback for a long time, so as a result, I thought I had been unsuccessful. After nearly a month, I received an offer. So what made me decide to become part of the FXG team? I knew that FXG was made up of teammates from many different cultures, which is different from the other companies that I’ve known before. I love the diversity of FXG’s culture.

2. 休息的闲暇时间是怎么度过的?What do you do to relax after work?


Although I enjoy staying at home, I have a lot of hobbies. I enjoy singing songs, watching movies, reading novels and comics, playing games, playing with cats, and learning to cook sometimes. I travel to other cities when I want to go out for a refreshing experience.

3. 你最喜爱的______? (自由回答)

What's your favorite ______ ?(Open question)


I am a sci-fi fan and like the things that are unknown to us. My favorite novel is Liu Cixin's, The Three Body. I was attracted by it as soon as I read it. I really couldn’t stop reading until I stayed up overnight to finish the entire trilogy.

4. 最近有什么好玩的事和我们分享吗?

Has anything interesting happened to you recently that you'd like to share?


I planned to find a spouse for my cat but I finally gave up on the idea, as she’s only nine months old, although her fatness makes her look like she’s two years old.

一些工作的分享 Some Things about Work

5. 在FXG,你做过的哪个项目是最喜欢的或者印象深刻的?

What is your favorite project that you have been involved with at FXG?


The annual party! It’s somewhat boring for us to have a dinner at restaurant; therefore, everyone is asked to bring one dish to make the party into a buffet!

6. 你最喜欢的电影是什么?为什么?

What is your favorite movie and why?


I like Miyazaki’s anime movies very much because they make me feel warmness and love.

7. 对公司有什么期待吗?

What are your expectations for FXG?


I think we will be the next Alibaba group.

听了科幻动漫迷的采访,会不会觉得不过瘾?你也想采访她吗?可以给我们留言哦~ 同时,让我们期待下一期的西顾人分享!

Do you want to interview her too? You can leave us a message! Stay tuned for our next story from a different FXG Fernlander!

(注:一些图片来自网络剧照。Note: Some pictures are screenshot from stage photos online.)

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