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We learned about the story of Developer Spoon in Fernlander Spotlight last time, 聚焦西顾人:来打开一个开发者的VR脑洞…… Now let us get to know FXG Designer Cecilia and her thoughts about life and VR!


Some things about personal life

1. 你之前有些什么生活经历,让你来到了西顾国?

What was the life journey you took that brought you to FXG?


I came to Hangzhou with two of my roommates during the winter holiday of my senior college year, we spent three whole days doing interviews from morning to evening, but I didn’t really like any of those companies. But the minute I walked into FXG I knew this was the place for me. I was greeted with a gorgeous massive painting on the wall (which I later found out was the work of the great Bai Wei), and the graffiti all over the walls and cabinets. I joined FXG at that time while my roommate was also hired at FXG when there's a chance for her afterwards. 

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2. 休息的闲暇时间是怎么度过的?

What do you do to relax after work?


Usually I "squat" at home, watch movies, read books, listen to music, play with my dog (Fett), Yoga, play games or photoshop pictures. Although I have to add, I’m not a house person, I like to go out , hangout with friends, and sometimes I go to our director’s house to hangout.

3. 你最喜爱的________ (自由回答)

What’s your favorite ______ (Open question)


My favorite thing is my dog! 

4. 你觉得对你影响最大的人,或者能带给你能量去解决问题的人是谁?为什么?

Who do you think has the most influence on you, or who can give you energy to solve problems? Why?


It’s definitely our design director, Weiwei! (Read more, 一个「听音乐数钱」的设计师会多有趣?) There is always a stage in life where you encounter a person that greatly affects you. To be honest, when I first came to FXG, she scared me the most haha. I had no confidence at that time and was afraid of not doing well, and I still worry that she will be disappointed in my work. But later I found out thatshe is very friendly and has a big heart, patiently guiding me to become better at what I do!

5. 你觉得未来三天你的生活会发生什么?是否满怀期待?

What do you think will happen to your life in the next 3 days? Are you looking forward to it?


The next three days? Getting a boyfriend is definitely not gonna happen! But at least I’ll try to lose 1 kg of weight, learn some English, and finish more photoshop projects.

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Some things about work

6. 在FXG,你做过的哪个项目是最喜欢的或者印象深刻的?

What is your favorite project you have been involved with at FXG?


It's a new project called CC' small theatre, I had a booming of inspiration while working on it.

7. FXG带给了自己什么意想不到的收获?

What unexpected perks did FXG bring to you?


When Weiwei asked me to finish at least a piece of photoshop work weekly, I became passionate about graphic design. Any picture in the world can be combined with others so create a magical result, when you find two completely irrelevant things and think of how to combine them, like stars and a mountain, or replacing limbs with plants, eyes with electric fans, or the birds flying in a zebra’s stripes, you realize that the world is what you define it to be, and you can create any world you want!

8. 你觉得未来VR可以做哪些事?请脑洞大开!

What do you think VR will do for the future?


I would like to see how VR can take us to explore the whole universe, seamlessly transfering our motion and emotions to and from the virtual world.

9. 你最喜欢的电影和电视剧是什么?为什么?

What is your favorite movie? Why?

电影:《这个杀手不太冷》,因为是大叔控~ 电视剧《我的天才女友》,在莉拉和莱农的身上找到了共鸣,看完立马去买了那不勒斯四部曲,很爱了!

Movie: <Leon: The Professional> because I like older men~ TV series <L'amica genial>. I found resonance in Lila and Lennon from the TV series, after finishing the series I bought the whole tetralogy!

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10. 对公司有什么期待吗?

What are your expectations for FXG?


Show the world that this small hard-working team is getting better and better, and will eventually become the largest VR video technology company in China!

11. 对自己有什么期待吗?

What are your expectations from yourself?


Soon after graduation, all I wanted was to grow up. I didn’t think about what I wanted to grow up to, I just wanted to be better. I believe that after some experience, I will have a better understanding of my goals and expectations. It’s been a year since I graduated and I’m still slowly figuring out what I want. My ultimate goal right now is to enter the ranks of the best designers in the country, and go abroad to see the world!

听了小美女cc的采访,会不会觉得不过瘾?你也想采访她吗?可以给我们留言哦~ 同时,让我们期待下一期的西顾人分享!

Do you want to interview her too? You can leave us a message! Stay tuned for our next story from a different FXG Fernlander!

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