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We learned about the story of Developer Ivan in Fernlander Spotlight last week, 聚焦西顾人:俄罗斯开发者小哥哥. Now let us get to know another Developer Spoon and his thoughts about life and VR!


Some things about personal life

1. 你之前有些什么生活经历,让你来到了西顾国?

What was the life journey you took that brought you to FXG?


I spent all my life in the south, freezing cold every winter. I thought having central heating was a good solution for the cold winter days so I moved to the north, but then the air there was so dry that I almost got mummified. So, I came to Hangzhou, a midground between freezing every winter and getting mummified. In here I found FXG, and became a happy developer.

2. 休息的闲暇时间是怎么度过的?

What do you do to relax after work?


Watch movies, look for books, buy books, and occasionally read said books (I buy way more books than I read!), and wait for others to call me to hangout (either that or working overtime)

3. 你觉得未来三天你的生活会发生什么?是否满怀期待?

What do you think will happen to your life in the next 3 days? Are you looking forward to it?


Finish my online courses.

4.     最近有什么好玩的事和我们分享吗?

Have you had any fun things to share with us recently?


KTV till early morning (don’t tell my mom)…


Some things about work

5. 从开发者角度,你觉得VR和AR不同的地方是哪?

What do you think is the difference between VR and AR as a developer?


Virtual Reality is a digital simulation technology that completely or partially simulates the real world, or builds a new virtual world. Augmented reality is a technology that integrates information from the real-world with virtual information, it can enhance the perception of reality. Both technologies are based on real world, AR is an enhancement or assistance. In AR, the attributes attached to the body of the object such as weight, color, composition, size, state, and related things are easily expressed through models, textures, texts, and videos. VR on the other hand focuses on the virtual. It borrows elements from reality, and builds a virtual environment based on that,achieving a greater degree of environmental interaction. Gesture controls, motion tracking and tactile feedback are the main interaction methods for that.

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6.    打开一个开发者的脑洞,你觉得未来VR可以做哪些事?

What do you think VR will do for the future from a developer's perspective?


Nowadays, network infrastructure is developing rapidly, and soon enough we’ll be able to enter the Oasis! Where players can experience different environments such as the “black mirror” dystopia, or even controlling a remote robot that transmits all senses back to the player using the cloud. People will have no “fixed” body in the future, and all bodies can be replaced, just like in the sci-fi TV show (Altered Carbon).

(注:以上剧照来自网络,如不妥,请联系删除。Credits: Baidu Media)

7. 你最喜欢的电影是什么?为什么?

What is your favorite movie? Why?


I like watching sci-fi movies, but my favorite movie is Django Unchained. Real heroes never look at the explosions behind them, but they are destroyed by their own sins, just like Django.

8. 你对公司有什么期待吗?

What are your expectations for FXG?


To become a benchmark for the industry!

听了“勺子先森”的采访,会不会觉得不过瘾?你也想采访他吗?可以给我们留言哦~ 同时,让我们期待下一期的西顾人分享!

Do you want to interview him too? You can leave us a message! Stay tuned for our next story from a different FXG Fernlander!

你想和快乐的开发哥成为工作伙伴吗?FXG是一家极具艺术与科技感的VR公司,我们正在寻找招商经理、VR视频后期、音效师、Unity开发者,点击了解更多: 跨过山和大海,穿过人山人海,FXG期待你的加入!

Do you want to join Spoon at FXG? There's a chance! We are looking for Sales Agents, VR Film Post Production, Sound Engineers, VR Photographers, and Unity Developers. Check it out! 跨过山和大海,穿过人山人海,FXG期待你的加入!

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