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聚焦西顾人 | 我有一个愿望:“做大做强”!


We learned about the story of Designer Rinii in Fernlander Spotlight last week. Now let us get to know Video Producer Sun and his thoughts about life and VR!

一些生活的分享 Personal Life

1. 你之前有些什么生活经历,让你来到了西顾国?How did your life journey bring you to FXG?


I was an architecture major during my time at university, which has almost nothing to do with the VR industry that I am currently working in. I had never heard of VR at that time, but happened to learn about it after a few years of working. When I became interested in it, I began to seek out an opportunity to learn more about VR and to enrich myself in it. My girlfriend decided to work in Hangzhou around that time, so I came to Hangzhou in advance for some interviews. Life brought me to Hangzhou while love and passion led me to FXG finally.

2. 休息的闲暇时间是怎么度过的?What do you do to relax after work?


When I lived near our office, I used to play VR games with the guys in the VR community at our headquarters. Now I live far away from the office, and I spend time at home washing clothes and doing some cooking.

3. 你最喜爱的______? (自由回答)

What's your favorite ______ ?(Open question)


My favorite anime is One Piece, and my favorite girl is my girlfriend!

4. 你觉得对你影响最大的人,或者能带给你能量去解决问题的人是谁?为什么?Who do you think has the most influence on you, or who can give you the inspiration to solve problems? Why?


My sister provided me with an unquantifiable supply of support during my journey down the road of growth. I really appreciate that.

5. 你觉得未来三天你的生活会发生什么?是否满怀期待?What do you think will happen in your life in the next 3 days? Are you looking forward to it?


It must be the annual party of FXG! We’ll enjoy eating, drinking and playing hard. (The interview was done last week.)

6. 最近有什么好玩的事和我们分享吗?

Has anything interesting happened to you recently that you'd like to share?


I decided that I will dye my hair pink!

一些工作的分享 Some Things about Work

7. 在FXG,你做过的哪个项目是最喜欢的或者印象深刻的?

What is your favorite project that you have been involved with at FXG?


Tripping with Nikk! I can appreciate the world while I’m working on it!

8. 你觉得未来VR可以做哪些事?请脑洞大开!

What do you think VR will do for the future?


When the VR headset is as light and popular as a mobile phone, I think our society will change dramatically. People will no longer live as they are currently. They may no longer pursue real-life vehicles and houses, but everything will take place in virtual space!

9. 你最喜欢的电影是什么?为什么?

What is your favorite movie and why?


I am a movie fan, but it is hard to choose my favorite since there are so many excellent works. I watched Toy Story 3 recently.

10. 对公司有什么期待吗?

What are your expectations for FXG?

借用最近一部比较好看的国产电影《无名之辈》里的台词:做大做强(重庆口音) 📷

I’d like to borrow a line from a great, Chinese movie, A Cool Fish: “Bigger and Stronger”, (said in a Chongqing accent).

听了我们视频部小伙伴的采访,会不会觉得不过瘾?你也想采访他吗?可以给我们留言哦~ 同时,让我们期待下一期的西顾人分享!

Do you want to interview him too? You can leave us a message! Stay tuned for our next story from a different FXG Fernlander!

(注:一些图片来自网络剧照。Note: Some pictures are screenshot from stage photos online.)

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