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We learned about the story of Art Director Baiwei in Fernlander Spotlight last time. Now let us get to know Director Patience and his thoughts about life and VR!

一些生活的分享 Personal Life

1. 你之前有些什么生活经历,让你来到了西顾国?How did your life journey bring you to FXG?


Born in a small village in Shandong Province, China, I never excelled at school, but since childhood,I have always been hesitant to stick to the status quo. After choosing to be a candidate for a degree in the arts, I took the college entrance examination, and shortly after embarked on my artistic journey. In 2013, I was admitted to the Animation Department of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology in Hangzhou. I started to learn animation, and gradually adopted a fascination for film and television. During my systematic studies and creation of film and television animations, I contributed to many projects and learned from many veterans, which heavily benefited me in the long run.


I am very proud of the creation of my own animation studio, the Man Studio, which I founded during my college years. Although I am sorry that it had to be closed due to lack of experience, I am still proud of the work I put into it, as it enabled me to pursue my passion of filming.


It was no coincidence that my curiosity drove me to work at KAT, which is where I met Nikk!Inspired by Nikk, I realized the infinite possibilities that are created with VR film and television. Nikk showed me the VR videos that he had made. I was shocked and felt an overwhelming sense of potential! Later, Nikk founded FXG, and I did not hesitate to join him on this new endeavor.

2. 休息的闲暇时间是怎么度过的?What do you do to relax after work?


I seldom go outside during the holidays. With my shorts, T-shirts and slippers, I enjoy feeling comfortable in my home. I enjoy watching movies, reading books, playing with cats, and occasionally fishing, or inviting good friends over and cooking for them.

3. 你觉得对你影响最大的人,或者能带给你能量去解决问题的人是谁?为什么?Who do you think has the most influence on you, or who can give you the inspiration to solve problems? Why?


I believe everyone I have met is my teacher. Different people teach me different things. There are still two people who deserve the most appreciation of mine from the past two years: Nikk and Wilson. They provide a stage for me, help me throughout my journey, teach me more about VR, and drive my determination towards the future.

4. 你觉得未来三天你的生活会发生什么?是否满怀期待?What do you think will happen in your life in the next 3 days? Are you looking forward to it?

现在是元旦假期,天空中飘着小雪。绿蚁新醅酒 ,红泥小火炉。惬意!(采访时是12月31日)

It’s snowing during this New Year's holiday. How cozy it would be to drink some wine near a fireplace! (The interview was on Dec 31.)

5. 最近有什么好玩的事和我们分享吗?

Has anything interesting happened to you recently that you'd like to share?


We have some more big surprises coming. Besides regular updates such as Tripping with Nikk, many new, boutique films will be released soon. Please stay tuned!

一些工作的分享 Some Things about Work

6. 在FXG,你做过的哪个项目是最喜欢的或者印象深刻的?

What is your favorite project that you have been involved with at FXG?


I have to say that I like all of them, because no one has ever created something like them before. The whole world is my giant canvas!

7. 你觉得未来VR可以做哪些事?请脑洞大开!

What do you think VR will do for the future?


I don’t think that we will need to go outside in the future. We can do a lot of things with VR headsets. People can even live and work within a small room in VR to solve everything, whether they are located at sea, in space, in the mountains, or in the grasslands.

8. 你最喜欢的电影是什么?为什么?

What is your favorite movie and why?

对于一个喜爱影视的人来说,一部电影怎么够,论对我影响最大的一部电影,应该是《阿甘正传》。最喜欢里面的这句台词“Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”光影的魅力也贯穿整部影片。叙事手法也是别具一格。百看不厌。



For a film enthusiast, it’s hard to choose just one movie. I’d like to merely talk about a film that has had the most influence on me, "Forrest Gump." My favorite line from the film is, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” The charm between light and darkness runs consistently throughout the film. The narrative technique is also unique. I don’t believe that I will ever tire of it.

"The road ahead is long while the heart is towards the sun.

May all good people be treated with tenderness."

9. 对公司有什么期待吗?

What are your expectations for FXG?


There is a long way to go, so we need to work hard, but our future is bright and near!

听了导演的采访,会不会觉得不过瘾?你也想采访他吗?可以给我们留言哦~ 同时,让我们期待下一期的西顾人分享!

Do you want to interview him too? You can leave us a message! Stay tuned for our next story from a different FXG Fernlander!

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