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我们是谁 Who is FXG?

杭州西顾视频科技有限公司,简称 FXG。Hey,我们是一家极具艺术与科技感的VR公司,是国内较早从事VR行业的团队之一,我们的“跨国”成员来自加拿大、美国、俄罗斯、波兰、中国。

Hey, we are an international VR development team, and we are expanding! Our teammates arefrom Canada, Poland, Russia, China and the US. We are proud of our company’s strong and unique sense of art and technology, bringing different aesthetics and perspectives together from around the world.

创始人Nikk Mitchell,是中国第一个VR社区Oculus-China的创立者兼CEO,多年专注于VR游戏与VR视频,对于VR有着独特的理解与思考。

FXG’s CEO, Nikk Mitchell, who was the founder and CEO of Oculus-China, the first online, VR community in China, has focused his attention on VR games and 360 video-content for many years. This has gained him a unique understanding and perspective of the VR industry.

创始人李文松,曾任10年的首席架构师,研发了系列VR相机并获得专利,2013年在Oculus VR上发布了可能是世界上第一段实拍3D VR视频。

CTO, Wilson Li, who served as head-architect for 10 years, has been developing a series of patented VR cameras. In 2013, he released the world's first real-time, 3D VR video on Oculus VR.

艺术总监白伟(Wieslaw Borkowski)是波兰艺术家,中国美术学院国画系唯一的国外毕业金奖获得者,中国历史上最大的波兰人个人展览的创作者。

Art Director, Baiwei (Wieslaw Borkowski) is a Polish artist, the only foreign graduate to earn the gold medal in the Chinese Painting Department at the China Academy of Art. Baiwei also created the largest, Polish-made solo-exhibition in Chinese history.


We bridge the gap between art creation and cutting-edge technology, synthesizing them into one. From all corners of the world, sharing the same goals creates a common ideology. We have different starting points, but the same destination.

我们做什么 What do we do?




FXG is an international team, with culturally diverse members from all over the world, passionately devoted to the research and development of Virtual Reality content and technologies. We are global leaders in 3DVR (3DVR & 6DoF VR) video hardware and software technologies, connecting the East with the West,  and technology with art.

2018年12月,推出了业内第一款专业级16K VR摄像机及16K播放器整体解决方案——SEIZE。

We released the world’s first, professional 16K 3DVR camera, as well as a professional-grade 16K stitcher, and post-processing and content playback solution in December, 2018. 

而早在2016年底即研发出了ET-2 3DVR摄像机 — 一款可支持3D VR及6DoF视频的专业级高清8K摄像机。

We released our ET-2 3DVR camera in 2016. We have been actively engaged in the R&D scene for high resolution, 3DVR video, with a focus on DIVE (Deep Immersive Visual Experience) content.

为什么选我们 Why us?


Our team is an explorer to the unknown, a pioneer of new things, and skilled in reaching our desired destinations. We use art and creativity as a bridge to connect us with the future.






6. 无论你想要学好英语还是中文,我们都有充分的语言环境给你


5G is coming! As one of the most important use cases for 5G, the VR/AR industry has a relatively matured history, an industrial ecology, and well-developed criteria. The future is now! Join us in the evolution.

为什么是你 Why you?


We are looking for a motivated individual who wants to enter a career path in VR, and join our dynamic and highly-motivated team. 

VR视频后期 VR Film Post Production——如果你是熟悉houdini,maya、Adobe等软件的后期特效师,请一定要加入我们!

If you are a post-production specialist who is familiar with Houdini, Maya, Adobe and other softwares, please join us!

音效师 Sound Engineer——如果你能熟练使用cubase/sam 2496及其他音频软件插件,具备良好的音乐素养,懂乐理知识,有较强的音乐敏感度,对影视项目音乐的准确定位,让我们一起酷起来!

If you are proficient in using cubase/sam 2496 and other auditory software plug-ins, with good music literacy, sensitivity, and accurate positioning of music in film projects, let’s have fun working together!

VR摄影师 VR Photographer——熟练具备灯光布置,有摇臂等辅助器材操作能力,富有镜头感,可驾御复杂的拍摄现场,捕捉现实,创造现实!

Skilled in lighting arrangements, operating auxiliary equipment and a great, creative eye, you are required to control the shooting of complex scenes, capture reality, and create realities!

Unity开发者 Unity Developer——精通C#中的语法和应用,有视觉效果方面的开发经验,Unity 3D相关开发经验;了解 Windows,Android 或 iOS 平台内存管理,线程框架及网络协议;了解三维建模软件(3DMAX或MAYA)的基本操作;熟练掌握3D渲染相关知识。有视频编解码项目经验优先哦~

Proficient in grammar and application in C#, and experienced in visual effects development and Unity 3D development; understand memory management, thread framework and network protocol on Windows, Android or iOS platforms; understand basic operation of 3D modeling software (3DMAX or MAYA); skilled in 3D rendering-related knowledge. Bonus points for experience with video codecs!

在这里你可以接触艺术创作、前沿科技、以及各种稀奇古怪的项目… 你能用你最富有创意的点子来做你的工作。在FXG,没有束缚你的条条框框,只有更高更广的平台,每个人在不同的领域施展拳脚,只为共同的FXG。

Do you want to work in a creative environment and be able to think outside of the box and put your ideas into practice? Are you also excited about Virtual Reality and the arts?


Become a member of our team and join us on our journey to become a well-known VR company, supporting our mission to provide the world with the highest-quality VR content. 

有意向者请投递简历邮件到 hr@fxg.space,HR将通过邮件进行联系,我们期待与你的相遇。

Please send a copy of your resume to hr@fxg.space. For more information, please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!

工作地址: 中国浙江省杭州市余杭区仓前街道仓兴路1号1号楼35幢(眼见VR中心)

Address: Room 202, Yanjian VR Center, Dream Town Building 35, Cangxing Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China.

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