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The consumer market has completely changed in the recent 10 years, with new startups taking over, and creating multiple tech industries, and the growth of e-commerce. This has posed a threat to brick & mortar shops, how can they deal with the global shift towards e-commerce and virtual shopping?


We can look at the Shibuya Parco model, and try to learn from them!



The bureaucracy and rigidness of traditional enterprises was their demise. Compared to lean and dynamic start-ups. 


Shibuya Parco suspended all their operations, and started a massive reform to their enterprise structure. And after 3 years, they came back stronger than ever! With a complete overhaul to their user experience! Shibuya Parco is now a complete shopping experience, with focus on 5 elements: Entertainment, food, technology, fashion, and Art & Culture.


涩谷5G娱乐项目「UNLIMITED REALITY」不久前于线上开启,突破次元壁,此活动为体验者带来了现实世界里的真切二次元世界

该项目是Netflix原创系列动画「攻壳机动队SAC 2045」的扩展内容,共有4种体验方式。通过智能手机使用AR/VR技术,就能360°体验草薙素子和巴特与罪犯战斗的场景,享受深度沉浸感带来的攻壳机动队的科幻世界

Break through a dimensional wall with Unique experience

An interactive project was recently launched in Shibuya. Powered by 5G, their viewers can enjoy a fully immersive ACG world, from the comfort of their homes!

This project is an extended part of the Netflix series Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045, with 4 ways to experience it. Using a phone with AR / VR support, you can experience freely the 360 ° fighting between Motoko and Batou and enjoy the immersive sci-fi world of Ghost In The Shell.


Shibuya is trying to create a virtual Shibuya. By combining virtual and reality, they can immerse their customers in a sci-fi like world, with Cyberpunk themes that go with current trends!



Shibuya Parco ingeniously integrates culture and technology. It’s main building -High-tech & Fashion Building, combines virtual and reality,   using the latest immersive technologies like AR, VR, AI and so on


They integrate tech into all aspects of the mall. In the clothing stores, restaurants, and art galleries, where they mix technology with the real world to increase immersion.

5楼,NEXT TOKYO,从命名里就能感受到科技改变生活的实景。


The 5th floor is called NEXT TOKYO. From the name, you can probably guess that there is some next level sci-fi tech over there! 



Digital Art

In the Digital Art galleries, guests can explore art creating with AR and VR technology, and even physical art, with Augmented Reality overlays to bring it to life!



Virtual fitting room

FXMirror is a 3D virtual dressing mirror. Users can create an avatar and try clothes. Powered by Mixed Reality, and body tracking technology, the 3D image in the mirror will also reflect changes of the users’ actions, and even facial expressions.


JINS PARCO提供“ MEGANE on MEGANE”服务,使用AR技术来试戴眼镜,解决了近视用户在试戴镜框时看不清佩戴样子的问题。

Benefits for Myope People

JINS PARCO provides AR tech to MEGANE. Allowing their myopic users to try out different glass frames, without losing sight clarity.



Virtual Dessert

Customers can experience AR shopping, and even order snacks from their phone. There are also AR games people can play while their food is being prepared. 




The opening of PARCO is a new chapter for the shopping mall, beyond the boundaries of traditional commercial facilities, combining reality with digital and virtual environments. 


Looking back at domestic shopping malls, Wanda, Joy City, Intime and others are also constantly exploring new models: from the traditional shopping model to the urban commercial complex.


With the progress of science and technology, 5G is increasingly promoted. The digital age accelerates everything; People connect to shopping malls through mobile while still checking  out goods in the store; All kinds of entertainment litter the mall corridors. Now AR and VR are added to the mix. The experience is new and amazing, but the spirit of the mall never changed.








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