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The application of VR in life is becoming more and more widespread, and VR medical treatments have become an effective treatment method for various health conditions.

The application of VR medical treatments can be divided into three main steps; Clinical diagnosis, treatment, and medical trainings. Each step plays a pivotal role.





VR Live: Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment

The development of the Coronavirus has been well controlled, but for most people, in order to avoid secondary infections, they choose stay at home to self-heal, slowly and painfully, instead of going to a hospital. In this case, combining VR live broadcast with medical treatment, providing a channel for doctors to check the patient's health status online, patients can get a full range of diagnosis at home, and get a treatment plan in a timely manner.

On the other hand, when applied to online remote assistance during medical treatment, various physiological parameters of patients are reflected in front of medical experts, and experts can race against time to make full use of medical resources in order to rescue more patients.

西顾将这一方案应用于实践,携手浙江移动,打造“5G远程绿色急救通道”,提供5G VR直播解决方案。



FXG joined hands with Zhejiang Mobile to create a "5G remote emergency channel" and provide a 5G VR live broadcast solution.

Quick response and unimpeded operation are the basic requirements for emergency communication systems. 5G has its own characteristics: faster speed, more stable connection, smaller time delay, and larger capacity, which can quickly transmit information. FXG's VR live broadcast solution can accurately report the patient’s situation to the hospital, get a response, quickly diagnose and deal with it in a timely manner, and also better prepare the hospital before the patients arrive.

同时,将VR设备与Looking Glass裸眼全息显示器连接,在全息显示器内播放VR视角内容,可供多人同时观看患者状况,共同商议治疗方案。

At the same time, connecting the streamed VR content with the Looking Glass naked-eye holographic display enables multiple people to watch the patient's condition at the same time and discuss treatment plans together.





VR training: medical practice

VR applications and medical training, on the one hand, greatly improve medical education conditions, and on the other hand, greatly save medical costs.

Medical knowledge is very demanding. The boring text and pictures in the classroom make it difficult for individuals to imagine themselves performing at the high level of medical needs, and VR can provide a nearly real environment for training purposes. Through real data recording, data modeling and other operations, the scene is recreated, so that users can directly see the body structure and study medical knowledge more comprehensively.


Before a doctor or nurse can become a professional, he or she needs to go through a lot of hands-on practice and accumulate experience, and this process inevitably uses a lot of medical resources. The nearly-real virtual environment created in VR provides users with the opportunity to use it multiple times. The unsatisfactory process can be repeatedly operated and researched until the best results are obtained. The process of repeated operations not only deepens the user's memory, but also does not waste medical resources.




VR treatment: psychological intervention

With the acceleration of the pace of modern life, the number of patients with psychosocial diseases is increasing year by year. These mental and psychiatric diseases are not only the stress accumulated for life, but also various aspects such as post-traumatic stress disorder and autism. The emergence of VR technology provides a completely new treatment plan: the use of virtual reality technology to create a comfortable environment for the brain or to recreate the real scene of the past, to achieve the treatment of patients' emotional trauma.


In the Korean VR documentary, Meeting You, the technical team recreated the last time a 7-year-old girl met her mother through photogrammetry, motion capture, and virtual reality technology.


FXG was inspired by the harmonious teachings of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, and created an interactive project based on XR multimedia; Three Teachings Harmonious as One. Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism were originally in separate and independent cosmic laws. Fusion is creation, which brings a new multidimensional sensory experience of vision, hearing and emotion, and feels chaos and connection.

三教位于体验者的三个不同角度,而体验者视角处于正中心,向三教其一移动时,画面与声音都随距离远近,产生不同的爆裂式感官碰撞。该体验项目将故事情节、音乐与视效混合,触发交互式体验,跟随法国的“立体声大熊猫“——STEO LE PANDA踏上未来主义音乐之旅,从沙漠穿梭至金字塔,与VR艺术大师Sutu一起享受精神的愉悦。

The three teachings are located at three different angles of the experiencer, and the perspective of the experiencer is at the center. When moving to one of the three teachings, the pictures and sounds change with distance, resulting in different sensory collisions. This experiential project mixes storyline, music, and visual effects to trigger an interactive experience. Follow the French, “stereo panda” —— STEO LE PANDA on a futuristic musical journey, traveling from the desert to the pyramid, with works from VR art master, Sutu. Enjoy spirituality joy together.


The advancement of technology is to facilitate life as our main purpose. The combination of VR and medical treatment will improve people's health and enable better management in the future.

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