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“VR_I 沉浸式VR舞蹈之旅”体验分享

“我一个人跳舞,从清晨到日暮… 停也停不住,寻找一个去处……”不知道你听过张惠妹A Mei的这首歌吗?最近Nikk和文松老师可是体验了一回“一个人跳舞”!

"I dance alone, from the early sunrise to sunset... I can't stop, can’t look for a place to go..." sang by A Mei in her song. Recently, Nikk and Wilson Lee experienced a "one-person dance"!


This is the world's first large scale VR immersive dance experience. It is the best opportunity to learn from one of the world's best VR video teams. It is also an inspiration space for the fusion of art and new technology! 

VR_I 沉浸式VR舞蹈之旅,由瑞士天才舞蹈艺术家创作及编舞,全球顶尖动作捕捉技术团队倾力打造。它曾入围第75届威尼斯电影节非竞赛单元,是2018年圣丹斯国际电影节官方单元“新边境”首展作品。

VR_I was created and choreographed by a talented Swiss dance artist, and one of the world's top motion capture technology teams. It was shortlisted for the 75th Venice Film Festival and was the first exhibition of "New Frontier", the official educational institute of the Sundance International Film Festival in 2018.


In this experience, five members from the audience join the performance in VR, and explore the “infinite” space and performance in real time. After that, five virtual dancers will appear, sometimes as 30 meter-high giants, and sometimes as dwarfs. The audience can move around and interact with the dancers in real time, giving it a huge feel of immersion, in a true fusion of art and technology!


Arnaud, Wilson, I and 2 more persons danced together. Arnaud from Sujian is a famous VR content maker. He made the first VR horror game "Don't Look Back" and 2 VR experiences with David Attenborough for the BBC.





虚拟形象很有趣。 化身是随机分配的,用一面缺失的镜子有趣地开始,让你知道每个人的“前世今生”!


总得来说,我和文松都超级喜欢这个体验。 我已经完全融入到了这个情境中,体验结束的时候恋恋不舍!

Let us check out Nikk's mini review of the experience.

VR_I achieves an awesome use of scale, mixing very big things and really small things, in a way only VR can express. 

The scene changes were brilliant, never breaking immersion, and I experienced absolutely no motion sickness.

The choreography was excellent, and you can see the work they put on the mocap technology to get such clean results. 

The avatars were very well done as well. Everyone was assigned a random avatar at the start, and the lack of a mirror made for a fun start of everyone explaining who each other were.

It would have been Great to have interactions, like there was an object in the play space at one point that you could just walk through. (Understandably though breakable interactive objects would increase costs/dev time, from animation to networking)

Overall, we really enjoyed it. I totally lost myself in the experience and was disappointed when it ended.

在体验之后,我们和导演Gilles Jobin以及技术团队Artanim见了面。现居瑞士日内瓦的著名编舞、舞蹈家、导演Gilles Jobin热衷于运用技术手段再现甚至增强当代舞蹈的独特体验。他曾于2001年获得了SACD颁发“新锐天才编舞奖”。2013年,他与视觉艺术家Julius von Bismarck合作,在爱马仕基金会的支持下创作了舞蹈QUANTUM,并进行了全球巡演。

After the experience, we met with the director Gilles Jobin, and the technical team Artanim. Gilles is a famous choreographer, dancer, and director living in Geneva, Switzerland, and he loves using cutting edge technology to enhance the uniqueness of contemporary dance. In 2001, he was awarded the SACD award, and in 2013 he collaborated with visual artist Julius von Bismarck to create the QUANTUM dance show, with the support of the Hermès Foundation.


Artanim is a leading technical team from Switzerland, they were also the lead team that worked on the Splashberg-inspired immersive experience Dreamscape. Artanim’s technology enables multiple people to interact in a real time in a single virtual environment, using 96 high-precision infrared cameras to capture 3D in formation in real-time, which greatly improves the fluency of the dance. This, in collaboration with Viacon’s mocap technology can help further enhance the experience by allowing for avatars to be magnified and shrunk, giving the experiencer an unprecedented perspective.


At the end of the event, the team showed us their next-gen AR experience, and we demoed some of FXG’s latest VR content, needless to say, we loved their work, and they loved ours. We look forward to future cooperation with them. 

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