360 / 180 VR

Video Production

Using the highest-grade, proprietary 360 cameras and editing softwares, we produce VR films to surpass your required needs.

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Why limit yourself to a rectangle when you can capture it all?

 360 video crosses the line between traditional fixed video, and fully interactive experiences. By capturing the entire scene, you can fully immerse the viewer in your content, and give them the choice of where to look, instead of constantly trying to direct their attention. 


VR video also allows for higher user engagement. By allowing the viewer to "step-into" the story, rather than being an outside observer, users feel more empathy and connection to the story compared with traditional video. 

The FXG Pipeline

We use our own self-developed cameras, and propitiatory software & processing algorithms to teleport your audience to the scene.

We offer custom tailored end-to-end services


We discuss your idea and decide the best way to capture it. We will also work with you to produce the script, and storyboard so we can proceed to filming.

Got an idea for a video? Tell us about it!


All of our content is filmed using our own cameras. We've been making VR cameras since 2016, and have filmed & published over 20,000 minutes of VR video. Our cameras are capable of filming up to 12K (full-frame), in both 360 & 180 VR formats. 



Footage is stitched and processed for editing. Getting rid of artifacts and optimizing the depth map  to achieve the best 3D 360 / 180 video experience. And finally, footage is edited, color graded, and is ready for preview.



Footage can be packaged for playback on almost any platform, and our team can support you with headset selection

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VR Safety Training

VR Video increases immersiveness, and information retention compared to traditional training. See how we worked with some major brands to produce 360 safety traiing content for their factory staff


VR For Humanity

Taking the perspective of others in VR produces more empathy and prosocial behaviors in people immediately after going through the experience and over time in comparison to just imagining what it would be like to be in someone else's shoes


VR Entertainment

Travel the world from the comfort of your sofa, join Nikk and Baiwei in +10 destinations around the world with "Tripping With".


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We've been making VR video for over 5 years, and we've produced over 100 VR films. Explore more of our work here