The highest quality

VR live-streaming camera in the world! 

Meet the FM360 DUO, a VR camera that is capable of filming up to 12K @30fps, and 8K @60fps.

With built in RTMP live streaming, and 5G connectivity. The FM360 DUO will immerse your viewers in real time! 


The FM360 DUO features 2 full-frame CMOS sensors, with 6000 x 6000 pixels each.

This allows for high-resolution zooming capabilities. Not only can you narrow in on one subject, but you can also focus in on singular details of the subject’s facial expressions, clothing textures, and a multitude of other small details, enabling for a much more immersive experience of VR video.


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12K/30FPS   8K/60FPS

Dual CMOS Full-frame sensors

Embedded lens correction and splicing.


65mm IPD, best immersive 3DVR experience

Embedded RTMP Streaming       Ultra low-latency streaming

(up to 8K/12K live-streaming with minimal system resource utilization)



Sensor                            Dual CMOS 134 full-frame sensors

Sensor Size                    36 x 24 mm

Effective Pixels               3600MP

Dynamic Range             16 steps

Lens                               x2 180° custom made Fish-eye lenses

Gyro                               Built-in



Memory Card                 TF memory card slot*

                                       Support for external USB SSD

File System                    exFAT

*Minimum requirements for TF card: 90MB/s or higher


Resolution & FPS           12000x6000 @ 30fps (after stitching)

                                       8192x4092 @ 60fps (after stitching)

                                       8192x4092 @ 30fps (after stitching)

                                       6000x6000 @ 30fps (per lens, stored separately)

                                       4096x4096 @ 30fps (per lens, stored separately)

Bitrate                             Up to 400Mbps

Color Depth                    8 bit / 10 bit

Video Encoder                h.265 main 10 profile

Audio Profile                   AAC (22.05KHz 16 bit)

File Format                     Scam file (can be converted to MP4)



USB                          x2 USB 3.0 ports

Audio                        3.5mm stereo jack

                                  Dual-channel cannon inputs


Wireless                    5G, 802.11n, external antenna                                                    support  

Wired                         Gigabit Ethernet

Power Input               DC 12V (x2 LEMO ports)




ISO                                     Auto / manual (400 - 125000)

Shutter Speed                    Auto / manual (1s - 1/8000s)

White Balance                    Auto / manual (2300K - 7500K)

Adjustments                       Brightness, contrast,

                                           saturation & sharpness

Image Configuration          Liner / Rec.709 / sRGB / HLG

                                           ReinhardHDR / sLog / sLog2


Material                                 Aviation-grade aluminum alloy

Weight                                  1KG

Dimensions                          160mm x 150mm x 83mm

Storage temperature            -20° C - 70° C

Operating Temeprature        -10° C - 45° C 



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