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About FXG

FXG was founded in 2017 by VR industry veterans with the mission of creating the best VR camera technology and amazing VR video content. Headquartered in China, they have risen to fame as a production house of choice for ByteDance’s Pico, Huawei, Kuaishou, and all of the big players in the Chinese VR industry.


Our Story

Above is FXG and the ByteDance Pico team group photo on the set of the Michael Zheng VR concert.  FXG’s team handled every aspect of the 4-camera simultaneous 8K 3D live stream for this production. Below is a link to a video showcasing the epic event.

Epic interview with FXG about Pico’s huge VR concerts in China and FM DUO 12K VR camera!

FXG team and their live streaming video village. The final output of the project contained 4 separate simultaneous live streams, plus 4 extra backup cameras and streams, 1 backup for each camera in case any went down during the stream. Over the 2 hour live stream, not one camera or stream went down, though it’s always better to be safe than sorry. (Since that event we have done further tests in live stream stability, with the longest uninterrupted stream being 72 hours)


Meet The Team

Contact Us

The above is a brief overview of FXGs production capabilities.

For further inquiries contact here:


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