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Opera Alive 来戏

Immerse yourself in the grandeur of traditional Chinese opera.

Opera Alive 来戏 combines the latest immersive media technology with centuries of cultural heritage, delivering an intimate, front-row view of Peking Opera's most celebrated performances.


Hear What Our Beta Testers Are Saying

- 'Being able to see the expressions on the faces, and the intricacy of the make up & movements/steps is really incredible, and I'm happy that you are jumping on what is really the "teleportation" use case - I think projects like yours really push the platform forward.'

- 'VERY impressed! I would love to be able to watch a full performance like this.'

- 'Simply beautiful. I can't wait to see an entire opera.'


Legendary Talent Meets Rising Stars

Featuring the legendary Li Pei Hong in the pivotal *Mu Guiying Takes Command*, Opera Alive 来戏 also showcases a host of young rising stars from the China Peking Opera Arts Foundation's "Future Stars" program. These talented performers breathe new life into classical narratives, all captured in stunning 8k and 12K 3D 180 visuals that blur the lines between traditional theatre and digital innovation.

Your Front Row Seat Awaits

This teaser release of Opera Alive 来戏 offers a first look at the transformative power of immersive opera. Dive into a selection of beautifully crafted short mixes, each serving as a prelude to the extensive library of full-length operas we're eager to unveil.


Join Us on This Cultural Journey

Brought to you by the Future Opera League, Opera Alive 来戏 marks the start of a vibrant cultural exchange and a celebration of artistic excellence. We invite you to be part of this groundbreaking journey as we bring the rich world of Chinese opera into the digital age.

Download Opera Alive 来戏 on the Apple App Store and embrace the beauty, drama, and magic of opera with us.

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