VR Livestreaming

Need your event to reach more people? We can livestream your event in 360 degrees for your audience to experience immersively in VR, or on the web.


The highest quality

VR live-streaming camera in the world! 

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Meet the FM·DUO a VR camera that is capable of filming up to 12K @30fps, and 8K @60fps.

With built in 5G powered  live-streaming, the FM·DUO will immerse your viewers in real time!


The FM Duo features 2 full-frame CMOS sensors, with 6000 x 6000 pixels each.

This allows for high-resolution zooming capabilities. Not only can you narrow in on one subject, but you can also focus in on singular details of the subject’s facial expressions, clothing textures, and a multitude of other small details, enabling for a much more immersive experience of VR video.